Industrial Water Solutions

        Are you looking for purification systems with following features?
  • Water output of 100-5000 gallons per day
  • Designed, developed and programmed for the long and dependable services
  • Customized system for high quality output of TDS range between 10 to 50 ppm
  • Output water quality as per FDA and NSF standards 

      Do you wish to have enhanced Industrial Purification solution, but have few existing working consoles.
     You can purchase any of our
 Pre Conditioning /
RO Treatment / Post Filtration Treatment Stand Alone or Integrated System
     Our system engineers ensure complete integration of our industrial RO plants, with your existing modules.

Since 2000, we're offering a wide range of industrial reverse osmosis Plants, which comes in a flow rate of 100 LPH to 25000 LPH and reduce TDS @ 90-99%.

All our industrial reverse osmosis Plants are carefully customized and configured to suit the individual requirement of the output water, which varies from normal drinking application to the specific usage, such as food Processing, pharmaceuticals and boiler feeding requirement.


50 LPH         Stainless Steel 100 LPH (V) Stainless Steel 100 LPH  50 LPH  100-250 LPH 250-500 LPH 


250-500 LPH   500 LPH   500-1000 LPH 1000-5000 LPH   1000-5000 LPH    

Our clients can avail from us a comprehensive range of Industrial RO systems with mixed bed or other necessery fittings to complete a water treatment plant, which is widely used in industries, factories as pure water needs for manufacturing  of various medicines, chemicals, food products & with other raw material . Actually, this unit contains Reverse Osmosis system with cation and anion column, which is completely filled with resins. The unit has the capability to produce output depending upon the quantity of the resin. This process is executed with the help of our offered range, as it has FRP/LLDP column of cat ion and anion exchanger, which is connected with flexible hose and multi-port valve. Available with a separate plastic drum for the regeneration of cat ion exchanger, these are presented at industry leading rates.

Applications for Reverse Osmosis Systems The ideal applications for RO water filtration System include: 
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Ion Exchange Pre-treatment
  • Beverage Production


Capacity 100 LPH 250 LPH 500 LPH 1000 LPH 2000 LPH 5000 LPH
Working Pressure 10 - 12 Bar
Booster Pump OT Pump Vertical Pump
Membrane Material TFC with FRP Outer Wrap
Membrane size x unit 25*40 x 1 4040x1 4040x2 4040x4 4040x9 8040x6
Membrane Housing Material SS FRP
Membrane Housing 2540x1 4040x1 4080x1 4080x2 4080x3 80120x2
Flow Meter Pure water & Waste water
Pressure Gauges 2 Nos. 5 Nos.
feed & reject Sand filer, Carbon filter, MCF, Membrane feed and reject
Water quality indicator On line TDS meter
Electrical Controls Main Supply : On/Off
Over load Protection
High Pressure Pump : On/Off
Raw water pump : On/Off
Dosing Pump : On/Off
High Pressure/Low Pressure Tripping
Level Sensor
Frame M.S. Powder Coated
Weight (Kg.) 200 300 500 750 1000 1500
Pre Filtration 1x20" Filter Housing Sand Filter & Carbon Filter
(20"PP cartridge 5 µ
Feed Water Requirement Feed water Temp: 20 -45 C
SDI < 4
Turbidity < 1 NTU
Iron < 0.1 PPM
PH : 3 - 11
Residual Chlorine : Nil
Heavy Metal : Nil